The company was founded by Mr. Pennekamp an engineer for the glass industry specialised in melting and annealing. The, at that time young company, developed fast in the area of annealing lehrs by introducing new technologies, high quality and innovative designs to increase performance.

The growing company invested in the design and manufacture of handling system for glass and is now operated in the third generation. With the construction of the new facility in 2003, Pennekamp managed to adapt to the continuously changing demands in the glass industry and optimised the manufacturing cost by using latest fabrication technologies. Therefore, we may still use the term: “Made in Germany”.

The management of Pennekamp realised the changing demands in the glass industry and pushed for the development of reliable machinery for all areas of the fully automated glass industries.

Today, Pennekamp is one of the major manufactures of lehrs and hot end handling equipments in the various glass manufacturing and processing industries.