Equipment for pharmaceutical glass

Pennekamp special Annealing Ovens and the robotic Handling systems (Pick & Place), are designed and developed for thermal processing of tubular glass products, applicable for a vast range of Vials, Ampoules, Cartridges and Syringes in Pharmaceutical industry.

By using our technology, the producers of Pharma Tube Glasses are able to meet with their customers’ highest expectation on the final products quality such as:

– Perfect articles surface

– Tensionless annealed products

– Well cured colors on the decorated items.

Our new concept of the ovens and handling systems are both designed for the dedicated productions, in which they are in need of continuous increment in the capacity and speed.

The new design allows article production to be doubled while at the same time the manipulation of glass articles is smoothly and save.

Unique advantages of Pennekamp systems:

  • 1-stop technology:
    • Synchronous placement and removal of the glass articles on or from the oven conveyor belts.
  • Row instead of column:
    • The robotic pick and place systems always handle a whole line. Any vacancy or displacement error can be easily traced.
    • By loading an entire row, the travel distance of the glass items during loading and unloading is only a few centimetres. This means that the glass items can be handled calmly, without vibrations and without the loss of glass items.
  • Extremely high loading density:
    • Double quantity of articles can be compactly placed on the belt and passed through the annealing tunnel, with minimum speed for reaching to 50% less energy consumption and optimal annealing results.