Proportional Gas Burners for Reductionof Energy Consumtion

The proportional gas burner has been developed by Pennekamp, maintaining the special features required in the thermal process of glass annealing and decorating. Today, energy efficiency has become a major issue to the industry, as well as the accuracy in temperature control.

This new gas burner system takes both issues into account, by providing at any time the required heating energy at the absolute minimal required level. At the same time, the proportional gas burner assembly will vary the heat output to maintain the set point, regardless the tonnage. In addition, this unit provides the ability to not only control the set point towards one direction (heating), but also towards the other direction (cooling). This is done by the proportional cooling system, integrated inside the burner’s combustion blower.

By optimized operation of the burner, in combination with an adapted annealing temperature curve, savings of up to 20% may be achieved.

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