Pennekamp has set standards in the 75 years of its existence, has been and is a “benchmark” for other manufacturers. Therefore, the “copies” correspond to our specifications in their geometric dimensions, so that e.g. the exchange or modernization of units, burners, electrical heating elements, drive stations or entire furnace zones is possible without any problems.

Worldwide service & support

- Installation, commissioning and start-up

- Rebuild & upgrade of the lehrs, hot end automation and cold end sprays

- Technical audit by our experienced staff on site

- Upgrading and modification of equipment/lehrs based on customers’ requirements

- Modernization of old firing systems by the most energy efficient techniques

- Electrical control panel modification, software upgrade and remote service

- Supply of refurbished lehrs and equipment

- International logistic arrangements

- Export/import formalities and customs clearance

- Spare parts sales & customer service