In terms of the technology, Pennekamp is the leading manufacturer of lehrs and hot end handling systems in the glass industry, as well as for the cold end coating of container glass. This does not only refer to the manufacturing quality of the equipment, but also to the performance and specifically the low energy usages within the thermal processes. By use of the fully automatic draft system and optimised thermal insulations, the energy consumptions may be reduced significantly.

In the area of the hot glass handling as well as the glass coating, the major aspect is the performance and reliability in order to minimise the down times. This may be achieved by the optimisation of the designs as well as the high quality of materials.


Research projects

Pennekamp is and was the "benchmark" for many innovations in plant engineering in the glass industry. This is reflected in our many patents.

Pennekamp carries out research projects in cooperation with technical universities, institutes and industry in order to gain new knowledge about the extent to which new technologies can be used in a future-oriented manner and how new products can be created and new sales markets generated.

Research projects carried out:

Contactless transport of flat glass in the hot zone >

Gas-heated surface burner for heat treatment of pharmaceutical glass >

Hot end tempering of glass products without chlorine compounds >