Who we are

Founded 1945 in Wuppertal, Germany by Ernst Pennekamp manufacturing Container Glass Lehrs, Handling & Heating Systems as well as Mesh Belts. Taken over by Hans-J. Seidel in the mid 70’s supporting the Float/Flat & TV Glass Industry and since the beginning of the Millennium in the experienced hands of the 3rd generation, feeding the growing demand in the area of Thermal Solutions for further industries, too.

What we do

The Pennekamp Group nowadays with its 85 employees is known worldwide as a technical leading manufacturer of Annealing-, Decorating- and Tempering Lehrs as well as Hot End Ware Handling Equipment and Cold End Coating Systems. The excellent reputation of this medium-sized privately owned company is supported with years of experience and its resulting knowhow. Pennekamp continuously aim to assist the worldwide industry with reliable, economical and energy efficient equipment on a higher technical level.

Made in Germany,
quality matters

We as a company have the knowhow and resources under one roof (17.400m2 Production and Administration buildings), enabling to manufacture whatever the customers expect using highest quality material. This covers reliable, long lasting and precise machinery and equipment with state of the art low energy consumption, which may easily be integrated into existing production lines. Additional reasons for our success; commitment to manufacture in Germany as well as in-house production intensity. Due to our efficient and experienced engineering department, we are in a position to specifically adapt our products to the customers’ needs, while realizing new developments and prototypes.


Design, Create, Support


Peter Ashok Seidel, CEO

Product overview

Pennekamp is the technical leadership in manufacturing of lehrs and hot end handling systems in the glass industry, as well as for the cold end coating of container glass. This does not only refer to the manufacturing quality of the equipment, but also to the performance and specifically the low energy usages within the thermal processes. 

Innovations, research
& development

- Intelligent electrical heating systems (Radiation & Convection)

- Gas and Hydrogen heated Burners (BLEU & Porojet)

- Ware Transfer technology (WTL1000)

- Individual ceramic rollers and drives in Solar, Figured and Float glass lehrs

- Dosing units equipped with Hydro Plus & Hygiene care systems