Automation / Cross conveyor

Cross Conveyor CC 650



Automation / Cross conveyor


This reliable Cross Conveyor was designed to withstand the severe operating conditions in the Container Glass Industry. The unit covers a lehr belt width from 1,8m to 5,7m and a transport chain width from 125mm to 300mm, according to the customer’s requirements.

- Drive Part

- Centre Part

- Return Part

- Extension Part

- Return Head


- Usable in the Pennekamp Lehr Front Hood

- Support Link to the Charge Roller of Annealing Lehr
   (no additional adjustment required)

- Belt brush


  • Each Part individually adjustable in horizontal and vertical direction
  • Wear Plates under the Transport Chain
  • Automatical Tensioning System for Transport Chain
  • Solid Drive System (Direct or Chain Type)
  • Length Compensation Device within the Extension Part
  • Transfer Plates to Lehr Belt, individually adjustable in height during operation in hot condition by use of eccentric support
  • Return Roller Assembly with eccentric adjustment of Return Roller (in hot condition)