Automation / Ware transfers container glass

Ware Transfer WTL

Automation / Ware transfers container glass


The ware transfers are the connecting unit between the IS machine conveyor and the cross conveyor. Usually, the ware transfers are designed for a 90° angle. The precision and performance of such unit depends very much on the setting and operation of the IS machine pushers. Generally, the ware transfer consists of a complete drive frame and its components such as gear box, coupling, shaft and the radial ware transfer head type WTL but without the drive motor.

The entire ware transfer is installed on a plate system, which allows the horizontal alignment. It may be performed for both axes individually. By use of a spindle system, the ware transfer may also be adjusted in its height, according to the requirements and geometrical needs of the glass ware. The drive frame will be equipped with the support for the drive motor, specified and provided by the buyer. Furthermore the supply includes the mechanical gear box as well as a special differential gear box that allows advancing or retarding the ware transfer finger directly at the machine, while being in operation. However, the Pennekamp system allows also the synchronization of the transfer from the control room (IS machine control).  The ware transfer head is designed to be operated at a high speed according to bottle diameter. The transfer head is available in different numbers of fingers and designs. It is dedicated to medium to large ware diameters (beer, wine and spirits) of all shapes and dimensions. The unit fulfills the operation for round, square or oval bottles.

The individual transfer fingers are attached to a special roller chain and therefore allow the flexible arrangement of different spacings in relation to the bottle diameters. The fingers are simply replaced among each other on the rear side of the transfer head. The special shape of the motion curvature allows a smooth and gentle handling in combination with the return head of the cross conveyor. With this design, the finger touches the glass ware somewhere in the middle, near the point of gravity. The finger itself is 50mm in height to support a larger area of the bottle. The standard ware transfer performs with a wide range of shapes, such as round, square and even oval (flasks), even at higher speeds.

Available finger designs and spacings

  • 20 Fingers Finger spacing 6‘‘
  • 26 Fingers Finger spacing 4 1/2“
  • 32 Fingers Finger spacing 3 3/4“
  • 39 Fingers Finger spacing 3‘‘

The finger insulation pads are designed as wear unit on the retractable fingers and are easily replaceable.