Automation / Lehr belt brush

Lehr Belt Cleaning Brush


Automation / Lehr belt brush


The lehr belt cleaning brush is designed to remove stain and dirt from the lehr belt. In general it is recommended to install a stainless steel lehr belt within the lehr to maintain a general cleanness. The remaining dirt may be removed by use of the belt brush or polishing roller.

The main frame is manufactured from solid steel and is equipped with the height adjustment system to alter the bushing pressure and compensate wear. This height adjustment system is operated by a spindle system from one side only and therefore maintains a horizontal alignment.

The entire unit is for practical reasons installed on rollers in combination with a set of rails for a possible removal to either side. It is enclosed as much as possible in order to prevent the “spilling” of dirt particles. Any remains will drop down and may be collected from two drawers, one on either side.

The compensation of the brush wear is done by centralised adjustment spindles. The belt brush itself is directly driven by a motor gear unit, against the belt movement direction. Electrically it shall be connected to the lehr itself.


- Intermittent or permanent suction system

Electric drive gear/motor assembly
counter wise rotation, centralized
heiht adjustment system

maintenance free bearings,
service removal at both sides


  • Different belt brush material available
  • Stainless steel
  • Polyamid
  • SiC (Silicium Carbide)
  • Belt polishing “Scotch Brite” (surface polishing)
  • Catch tray for dirt and stain
  • Enclosed housing (cleanness)