Automation / Cross conveyor

Water Cooled Cross Conveyor WCC 650

Automation / Cross conveyor


The robust cross conveyor was developed for the increasingly demanding requirements of the glass industry. The device is designed for furnace belt widths from 1.8 m to 5.7 m and conveyor chain widths from 125 mm to 200 mm, depending on customer requirements. The main body is water cooled to prevent deformation of the cross belt body.

Water consumption is about 15 to 20 l/min.


- Belt brush (chain brush - for counter-rotating cleaning of the conveyor tooth chain).


  • Water-cooled main body made of stainless steel with individual transport chain carriers
  • Wear plates under the transport chain
  • Automatic tensioning system for the transport chain
  • Solid drive system
  • Length compensation device within the extension part
  • Transfer plates to the furnace belt individually adjustable in height by eccentric during hot operation
  • Deflection roller with eccentric adjustment of the deflection roller (during hot operation)