Equipment for pharmaceutical glass

Classic Line 4000

Equipment for pharmaceutical glass


With this fully automatic furnace system, glass articles can be stress-relieved after the forming process. Printed labels and markings can also be baked on.

In this concept, the furnace and the infeed and outfeed conveyors are in line.

This arrangement means that the furnace is loaded and unloaded from the side.

This type of loading and unloading is preferably used for narrow furnaces or for furnaces with small to medium throughput.

Function: glass tempering / color burn-in
Capacity: approx. 4000 articles / h
Max. Furnace temperature: 650°C
Furnace orientation: Longitudinal to the production line


  • Infeed conveyor – 1 lanes (optional)
  • Pick & Place with cross conveyor
  • Annealing lehr
  • Outfeed conveyor – 1 lanes (optional)
  • Control cabinet with PLC and HMI