Equipment for pharmaceutical glass

Silicone Linie

Equipment for pharmaceutical glass


This fully automatic furnace is used to bake the silicone coating of glass products. The furnace has an optional infeed and outfeed conveyor. The glass articles are in so-called containers, which are fed into the furnace via a conveyor belt. A so-called "pusher" automatically transfers the containers into the furnace at the correct distance from each other. In the furnace, the applied silicone is baked on and the glass articles are then cooled. At the end of the furnace, another "pusher" transfers the containers to the discharge conveyor.

Function: Silicone curing
Capacity: (Flexible, please inquire)
Max. Oven temperature: 450°C (Flexible, please inquire)
Furnace orientation: Longitudinal to the production line


  • Infeed conveyor / buffer table (optional)
  • Automatic loader
  • Silicone curing lehr
  • Automatic unloader
  • Outfeed conveyor / buffer table
  • Control cabinet with PLC and HMI
  • Waste gas pipe