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Container Glass and Table Ware Annealing Lehr

lehrs / container glass & tableware


The cooling furnaces consist of furnace modules that have a standard length of 2.25m. Pennekamp has incorporated other proven details into the furnace design to increase the performance as well as the productivity of the furnaces while reducing energy consumption.


  • Band widths up to 5.5m
  • Gas or electric heating
  • Heated zones with inner hoods as well as circulation fans and belt grates made of heat-resistant stainless steel
  • Entrance door made of stainless steel
  • Gas heating system with compact burners and all safety devices
  • Electric heating system based on thyristor control
  • Furnace completely insulated up to the cold end (approx. 300mm mineral wool)
  • Circulating fan with direct shaft, no V-belts (maintenance free)
  • Automatically controlled air intake dampers in the rapid cooling zones, i.e. in case of production stop direct reaction of the furnace to maintain the set temperature curve
  • Automatic control and regulation of the furnace temperature
  • Electronic control system for automatic optimization of air movements (drift) inside the furnace to reduce consumption (supply and exhaust air dampers)
  • Special fan wheels at the cold end for mixing the cold air with the air inside the furnace before contact with the glassware
  • Optimal temperature distribution over the furnace belt width
  • Easily adjustable belt run adjustment at the furnace belt drive
  • Optional additional cooling system at the furnace outlet
  • Communication link to the charging system
  • Conveyor return inside the furnace with self-cleaning effect
  • Adjustable tunnel exit temperatures, important for cold end tempering