Lehrs / Container glass & tableware

Decorating Lehr

Lehrs / Container glass & tableware


The decorating lehrs are designed in modules, all at a length of 2,25m (~7,5’) Pennekamp has implemented many engineering details in order to increase performance and decorating efficiencies (lead free inks) at minimised energy consumptions. Furthermore, the design of the draft system allows the operation at increased O2 levels for brighter colour, especially for the use of metallic inks.


  • Belt width of up to 4,5m (15’)
  • Gas or electrical heating
  • All heated zones are manufactured from stainless steels, incl. inner hoods, belt supports, fan wheels and burner tubes/heating elements
  • Special fume and ink solvent extraction system at the charge end of the lehr with temperature monitoring
  • Front door manufactured from stainless steel
  • Gas burner system with all required safety devices
  • Electrical heating system operated by thyristor controls
  • Fully insulated lehr (all tunnel zones) with approx. 50mm (2”) of ceramic fibre and 250mm (10”) mineral wool
  • Insulated front door
  • Air circulating fan with direct shaft, no V-belt (maintenance free)
  • Fully automatic damper systems in order to react to production stops and gaps, maintaining of set temperature curve
  • Automatic process control for the control and monitoring of temperatures
  • Electronic control of the internal air movements (draft system) to minimise the energy consumption (air in- and outlet dampers)
  • Special design of fan wheels in cooling zones to mix internal air with cooling air, no direct contact of cooling air with glass
  • Optimal temperature distribution across lehr width
  • Easy to adjust belt tracking system at belt drive
  • Optional cooling system on discharge table
  • Communication link to lehr loading system
  • Belt return on inside of lehr with cleaning function
  • Control of lehr exit temperatures, required for optimal cold end coating results