Lehrs / Container glass & tableware

Preheating Ovens / Klins

Lehrs / Container glass & tableware


These ovens are kilns which are to be used for the preheating of moulds and/or other machine parts for the glass production.

The ovens are designed and equipped with identical components (burners, heating elements and circulating fans) as the lehrs themselves. This minimises the spare part requirements for the customer.

According to the requirements and the use, the ovens are equipped either with gas or an electrical heating. Further, they are designed to operate at temperatures of up to 500°C.

In accordance to the loading area and volume, the ovens may be designed in several variations. The oven may be loaded directly by hand or by use of a trolley. The inside volumes are in a range of 1,0 to 2,2m³. (30 to 65qft)


  • Stand alone unit (minimised maintenance)
  • Inner hood, air circulation fan, shelves or trolley manufactured from stainless steels
  • Oven completely insulated with approx. 300mm
  • Air circulating fan with direct shaft, no V-belt (maintenance free)
  • Centralised exhaust duct
  • Compact burner system with all safety devices
  • Optional electrical heating system operated by thyristor