Lehrs / Container glass & tableware

Toughening Lehr

Lehrs / Container glass & tableware


The toughening lehrs are designed in modules, all at a length of 2,25 m. Pennekamp has implemented many engineering details in order to increase performance and output at minimized energy consumptions.


  • Belt width of up to 3,0m
  • Gas or electrical heating (radiation or convection)
  • All heated zones are manufactured from heat resistant stainless steel / ceramics, incl. inner hoods as well as circulation fans and transport medium (belt or rolls).
  • Fully insolated lehr (all tunnel zones) with approx. 50mm of ceramic fiber and 300mm mineral wool)
  • Air circulation fan with direct shaft, no V-belt (maintenance free)
  • Chiller / Blow box system (shock cooling system with nozzle-type air outlet openings) in connection with the corresponding high performance fans
  • Automatic process control for the control and monitoring of temperatures
  • Electronic control of the internal air movements (draft system) to minimize the energy consumption (air in- and outlet dampers)
  • Optimal temperature distribution across lehr width
  • Optional differential heating
  • Optional cooling system on discharge table
  • Communication link to lehr loading system