Lehrs / Solar- and pattern glass

Pattern- and Wired Glass Annealing Lehr

Lehrs / Solar- and pattern glass


Based on the longstanding and well-founded experiences in the annealing process, the designs applied to the various kinds of glass annealing lehrs were transferred successfully in the development and research of an innovative and modern Pattern Glass Lehr, integrating of course today’s modern technologies and manufacturing methods.

The Pattern Glass Lehrs are executed in modular zones of 2,25 m length, based on the well known and proved Pennekamp standards. Innovative developments in different areas have been integrated in order to optimize the efficiency and productivity as well as to create process reliability of the lehrs. Gas and electrical heating methods are available. The below mentioned features furnish the proof:


  • all tunnels zones with inner linings manufactured from heat stainless steel
  • modular sections with roof or side wall inserts, heating and indirect/semi-indirect cooling units
  • heat transfer by convection
  • special design for electrical heaters or gas burner assemblies
  • double lateral wall system with stainless steel surface
  • alternative use of stainless steel or ceramic rollers for glass transport
  • individual group drives per zone (no open sprockets/oil pans)
  • drive configuration by inverters, chain link, to compensate thermal glass shrinkage on ribbon
  • additional backup inverters for operational roller drive safety
  • roller support arranges by zones, for easier alignment and higher accuracy
  • individual inverter controlled cooling units (decentralized)
  • fast cooling zones for optimized glass cooling results
  • temperature controlled, automated dampers and fans
  • blast cooling zones, based on modular, retractable cooling banks, (decentralized)
  • automatic internal cullet removal system (patented cullet belt)
  • fully automated PLC control & monitoring (no manual dampers)
  • full scope supply incl. control & field wiring